Vetted Biz: Executive Recruiting Excellence with Patrice & Associates


The recent podcast interview takes a deep dive into Patrice & Associates’ core values, business model, and the key factors contributing to the success of its franchisees.


In a recent podcast interview with Vetted BizBrian Miller, CEO of Patrice & Associates, and retired Army veteran and franchisee Kenneth Lacy shared valuable insights into the management and executive recruiting industry.

“We are in a very tight labor market. That’s why companies are looking to recruiting firms — good quality recruiting firms like Patrice & Associates — to help them find talented people because they really can’t find those people on their own,” said Miller.

Patrice & Associates stands as one of the premier management and executive recruiting firms across North America. The brand’s primary objective revolves around matching highly skilled individuals with reputable companies, with a focus on the hospitality and food/beverage sectors. However, due to the surge in demand for staffing solutions amid the tight labor market, Patrice & Associates has expanded its operations into various other vertical markets within the executive search arena.

Now, fueled by this demand, Patrice & Associates’ affordable, home-based and flexible franchise model continues to appeal to savvy entrepreneurs like Lacy across the country. In 2023 alone, the company awarded 40 new franchise agreements in markets across the U.S. and Canada.

When it comes to who makes a great Patrice & Associates franchisee, Miller says owners come from all walks of life and don’t even need a hospitality background. Military veterans like Lacy, for example, have proven to be an excellent fit for the business model. Veterans who choose to franchise with Patrice & Associates are also eligible for a $6,500 discount.

“The three primary [skills] that immediately come to mind are discipline, leadership and adaptability,” said Lacy in reference to the military skills that transfer to franchising. “If you have the discipline to stick to the process, you’ll make money. Leadership can be an asset in coaching candidates through the process. And in terms of adaptability, it’s about working with other people. In the military, you have to know in time of war that you have each other’s back. Having that experience, you realize that we’re all different and so instead of that getting in the way, it should be embraced as a strength.”

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