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Covid is behind us and our client companies need managers more than ever. Not only did people get shuffled during Covid, but now the Baby Boomers are retiring. To help companies in all industries, including Hospitality, we have added an Executive Search model to Patrice & Associates.

Executive Search placements have been made in the gas & oil business, banking, accounting departments, charter schools, construction, manufacturing, insurance, and many more. Some of the titles are VP Human Resources, CFO, Project Manager, Shop Foreman, Insurance Agent, Bank Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Distribution Manager and more.

Considering the need for hospitality managers, the need for executives in all industries, and the Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, companies need help more than ever! We are getting calls almost daily from owners & managers who need our help staffing their restaurant and don’t let them down!

This is the perfect window of time for someone to enter into a Patrice & Associates franchise. 

Advantages of a franchise with Patrice & Associates:

  • Our Executive Search allows you to recruit in an industry you know and have contacts.  Hospitality is our specialty but we recruit in all industries.
  • Hospitality includes hotels, restaurants, casinos, grocery stores, university & hospital cafeterias and much more.
  • No Minimum monthly royalty payments.
  • No penalties for not meeting your required quota.
  • We do all the billing and collections so you can concentrate on your business.
  • 2 weeks virtual training – you never have to leave home.
  • 90 days daily calls with your coach … a real person to answer your questions.
  • No employees you have to hire.
  • No lease to sign.
  • Fast cash flow.
  • No equipment to purchase.

Best Staffing Franchise 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


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    Your success is our success. The way we interact between the candidates, client companies and recruiters provides a tight network of support even though we are all across the country.

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    What People Are Saying About Us

    “showed genuine passion for finding me not only a job, but a career.”
    Lona was great. I was out of work for all of a week and Lona not only contacted me right away but found a job that matched my skill set perfectly. I’ve been with my new company for 3 weeks now and am loving it.
    Lona was very personable and Thank you so much

    Michael Manaer

    Hello from Okoboji. First let me say: Thank You!!!!! I believe you found me a star in Daryn Fischels. Wow! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a restaurant industry professional finally at the helm of our restaurant. He has made quick work of understanding the immediate priorities and long range possibilities. I am looking forward to a long and successful journey with him. I have advised my accounting department to send you a check immediately.


    I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most recent experience with Diane Davis and Team Patrice and Associates. I must inform you when looking for a star you normally would take a visit to Hollywood California but not in my case. I had the opportunity to remain here in Illinois and had the pleasure to work with one of your stars, Diane Davis! Diane has performed an excellent act as she was completely professional while she helped me through the stages towards my employment offer from Boston Market. I have never worked with a recruiter who gave me so much confidence and her coaching skills have contributed to making Patrice & Associates a dynasty! Her passion has led her to her success, and I am honored to have had her on my team for the last 6 weeks. Thanks to both her and the company for the great job well done!
    Many Thanks,

    Mark Drozek

    Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m very excited for this new experience ahead of me! Since day one my career search has been a maze. Ian was able to help organize everything and prepare me for all the steps needed to open new doors. He was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Since day one and for over a month, Ian has kept me involved with the process; even during his personal time off. Up until the final days where I was working almost directly with Mission BBQ, Ian still kept in touch to show his support in my new career. Very genuine, personal, and overall a wonderful help!

    Kelly Doyle

    My name is Tom Donnelly and I am a CIA graduate from the class of 92. I had searched with Patrice and Associates many years ago but was not at the level they were looking for yet. Some 20 something years later I received a call from Frank Rondeau who was doing a search for a caterer in Boston Mass. Frank was up front and honest about all aspects of the job he was looking to place someone at. It was kept in complete confidence from my end and the clients end as well.
    After a long questionnaire and a few in-depth and candid conversations, Frank helped me to reformat my resume to update key words and gain relevancy. This helped me to keep current and to win relevancy with the client was looking for, and to highlight my work history with the client’s criteria in mind. Once the screening process was over Frank felt I was a good fit for his client and presented my resume to East Meets West Caterers.
    Frank set up a date and time for me to speak with the Executive Director of the company. We pretty much hit it off from the minute the phone rang. I attribute that to Frank’s diligence in the screening process. At the time of the screening I was wondering if they would ask for my first born, but it paid off, because tomorrow I am starting my new position as Executive Chef at East Meets West.
    I really appreciate Frank’s time, trust and diligence in the process and I can only say he is a true professional that understands his clients’ needs and then seeks the right person for the job he is filling.
    My fiancé and I couldn’t be happier in our new home in Boston. Thank you Patrice and Associates for making this happen.

    Tom Donnelly , Executive Chef East Meets West Caterers Boston Mass.

    Scott was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did he find me a perfect fit, he did it within 24 hours. I was given more than one career opportunity in which I could decide what was best for me. Scott had been (and still is) by my side throughout the entire ordeal. What an awesome person to work with.

    Danielle Rice

    Brett was amazing at finding me a job with a company I love all within 5 days too!!! After being out of the restaurant industry for some time, I tried unsuccessfully to find a job as a restaurant manager. Even though I had over 13 years with one of the industry’s leading companies. Brett contacted me through zip recruiter and the rest as they say is history….. But seriously, he found me a GM position with a great company that takes care of its people, I love working for, and I still get to have a “quality of life” with my family. And he doesn’t stop there, we still talk every week. He helped me prep for both of my interviews (I had them back to back). His knowledge, not to mention the tools, that he gives you to get you ready are unbelievable. As is with his dedication to find you a job that you like, he doesn’t stop. I had never worked with a recruiter before and wasn’t sure if I should or not. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t of gone with Brett Kelly, I’d still be looking for a job right now instead of enjoying time with my family. Thank you Brett, you are the best!

    Krista Black

    Jay was very professional. It was great going through this process with him. He made things so easy and described this company to a tee. He kept me updated consistently and emailed me right away.
    I would recommend any managers that I know to contact Jay Gray in the future. Even after I was hired, he stayed in contact with me. I felt like I was dealing with a friend. Hard to find that now a days. He was amazing.

    Ronald Wescoat

    I have been in the restaurant business for 28 years. I have on occasion worked with professional recruiters in order to obtain employment. Bob Hills from Patrice and Associates treated me courteously and professionally. His regular communication kept me motivated and in the loop. He always had the best interest of my career and saw to it that I was treated professionally throughout the entire process. I appreciate everything he did for me.

    Tim Martin

    Fred was excellent! He was very consistent and reliable to his approach on getting me my new job. I will differently recommend him to anybody I know that is looking for a career change.

    Helen did a great job and it was a pleasure working with Patrice & Associates. I have worked with other recruiters in the past and they were so impersonal. Helen went out of her way to get to know me to really find the right fit. I am now working at a place I love and couldn’t be more satisfied with her results.


    Hello! I’m happy to be writing a positive testimonial for a job well done! Heather Haas was prompt, informative, and a delight to work with. She quickly learned about me, what I was in search of and paired me with an advancement. I was hired quickly and I’m excited for my new challenge! She kept great contact when needed to make sure I was in the loop, making the hiring process so comfortable. I will be referring friends to her service without a doubt. A big thanks to Heather for all of the time and work she put in for me!

    Sonia J. Vila

    With the help of Rick Macdonald with Patrice and Associates I am about to embark on a new and exciting career in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The entire recruitment process has been fantastic in so many ways. It started with great communication, commitment, and determination from Rick and it continues to prove beneficial as I have referred numerous colleagues to Rick for his expertise. If you are looking for a recruiter that will put in the necessary effort that breeds a successful outcome for your future, look to Rick Macdonald and Patrice and Associates!

    Matt Chaney

    I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Karl Busch of Patrice & Associates. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several recruiters in variety of capacities, including the role of the client looking to fill a position, as well as being the job seeker myself. Karl clearly distinguished himself while working with me on this recent assignment, and I can recommend him highly based on that experience. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and follow-up were truly outstanding. There were no surprises on my part, and I felt completely prepared at each stage of the process. Once the position was landed and the offer was accepted, his efforts didn’t stop there. He continued to stay in touch and ensure the start-up and transition went well, which I truly appreciated. I would have no hesitation using Karl in the future to help in my staffing needs as well, so he will be a great resource moving forward!
    I hope this will suffice. My only request is that you wait just another week before posting this on your website. Please confirm you have received and will comply with this request.

    Kevin J. Woodward

    Renee was heaven sent! She works so hard, and helps you to prepare for any of the obstacles that applying might have. She helped me to clean up my resume, gave me points on how to present myself in the interview, and she helps you to find the answer for those interview questions before the interview so you’re ready. Renee was always in contact, so it never felt like I was alone in this, she was right there with you putting as much faith and hope as you did. I noticed that with her help and guidance the whole interview process was a lot less worrisome for me, I felt prepared and confident thanks to her.
    With Renee’s help I got my dream job that I honestly don’t think I would’ve ever been able to get without her. She opened up a hidden door for me, and I am so grateful. She is a great person to have in your corner, and I’m so thankful she was in mine!

    Danielle Perez

    Milton was a pleasure to work with. He was always available to me and helped me out with any questions I had during the whole process. It was really nice to have a point of contact to bounce any questions off of. He was very professional and motivating during my whole process. I would recommend his services to anyone I know looking for employment options. Thanks again for helping me get this awesome position.

    Ryan Morse

    Thank you very much! My family and I are extremely excited to begin this new chapter of our lives.
    Amar was very helpful throughout the entire process. He was extremely professional and prompt with all correspondence. Even though I felt confident with my interviewing abilities, he provided me with tools and insight to better prepare myself for the entire process. With his assistance, there were little to no surprises as to what to expect and was instrumental in obtaining this position. Thank you

    Tyler Schafer

    Thank you so much for everything, Ian! You really have no idea what you did for me. From the moment you called scouting at Dunks! That’s one day I was so glad I had gone to work because I got to take your call. You’re a life saver, Ian. Thank you so much

    Rachel Distefano

    I would like to personally thank and commend the excellent service of Karl Busch along with Patrice & Associates. I am very impressed with their dedication and commitment. Karl assisted me in every stage of the process, from the resume preparation, to the initial interview and trail, to the final interview. He was very helpful in my interview process and finding a great job for me. Thank you Karl.

    Galina Krasnova

    My name is Andrew Lennox, and I have been a successful Restaurant Professional for over 20 years and General Manager for 15. For reasons beyond my control, I found myself in the job market. Because of this, and other recent personal situations, had have had some movement in the last couple of years. To say the least, it was not going to be an easy task to place me. Spoke to quite a few recruiting companies and different recruiters. Some gave me the impression was of no value to them. Some did not call back when they said they would, or bothered to call again. One proceeded, after talking with him for 5 minutes; to speak to me in such a disrespectful way that he made me feel like nobody was ever going to hire me.

    Then spoke with Bryan Caldwell recent Franchisee of Patrice & Associates. From our initial conversation, he made me feel respected, and that my years of experience would be of value to the right company. He called, he followed up, and he offered advice. If called, texted, or emailed, Bryan would answer, or respond right away, apologetic if it was more than a few minutes. He researched an opportunity he felt would match both the company’s needs, and my own.

    It was not an easy sell, but Bryan was there with me the entire way. He kept me informed on everything that was going on, not once did I feel out of the loop. Every time the company showed some type of concern, he would immediately address it. He believed in me, and it came thru when he spoke with them and me.

    Bottom line was offered a General Manager position and accepted. Feel good about this job and the opportunities it offers me. Do appreciate Bryan for making the process, efficient, informed and comfortable in every way. If you are looking for a Recruiter, either for immediate or future job seeking or opportunities, highly recommend Bryan to make your experience a great one.

    Andrew Lennox

    From the start of the first phone call with Megan to the last when I was told I got the job, Megan was nothing but supportive, understanding and most importantly comforting. She answered every question with honesty and integrity at all times of the day. She makes you feel comfortable and confident.

    Jessica Pollack

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