Why a Patrice & Associates Franchise Makes a Great Family Business

Why a Patrice & Associates Franchise Makes a Great Family Business


Family Business

A unique combination of professional growth opportunities and a family-oriented approach makes Patrice & Associates an attractive proposition for franchisees who seek to make their mark in the business world while preserving and strengthening their bond with loved ones.


Patrice & Associates, the leading recruitment and executive search franchise with over 175 units in the U.S. and Canada, has become a top choice for entrepreneurial families seeking an opportunity to build a lasting legacy. The company’s comprehensive support and training for franchisees combined with a flexible business model provides families the chance to work together toward a meaningful goal: building a business that works for them and their clients.


These two stories of families who dove into the world of franchising with Patrice & Associates recently highlight the brand’s appeal and the unique advantages that come with operating a business under the umbrella of such a supportive and growth-oriented franchise.

The Dominic Family’s Journey: United by Ambition

In Edmond, Oklahoma, the Dominic family has embarked on a venture that epitomizes the spirit of family entrepreneurship. Rosie and Amaziah Dominic, along with their daughters Hailey and Tess and their son-in-law Alex Bradshaw, have united under the Patrice & Associates banner to bring a fresh wave of recruitment expertise to their community. 


“Rosie and I always had a dream of franchising, but it was Tess who really sparked this venture,” Amaziah said. “She always wanted something that she could do on her own, and she knew this industry. When she introduced us to Patrice & Associates, we loved the family-driven atmosphere and the opportunity to build something together.”


Tess’s vision was bolstered by her and Alex’s background in recruiting. 


“We have always wanted to own our own business, and when we discovered Patrice & Associates, I knew it could be right up our alley,” she said. “Alex is my husband and we actually met because we were both recruiters at the time. We realized we could teach our family to learn the ways of recruiting as well with the backing of a proven brand like Patrice.”


Alex says the Patrice & Associates business model also stood out due to the personal touch it brings to recruitment. Patrice & Associates offers a unique franchise opportunity that is both flexible and affordable, allowing franchisees to operate from the comfort of their homes.


“It wasn’t just about treating people as sales,” Alex said. “With the connections we already have here, and the business model in place, it felt very plug-and-play. That also helps us maintain the type of lifestyle we want as a family. We can travel, work from anywhere and grow the business.”


Rosie, who comes from a career in public relations, says the family also recognized a lack of high-quality staffing support in Oklahoma City and was eager to fill the gap. “We’ve lived here almost 20 years now as a family, so we knew we could make a real difference in the community by starting this franchise,” she said. 


Hailey, the youngest member of the Dominic family, captured the family’s enthusiasm as she expressed her excitement about launching the business — they are all set to open their doors this month.


“Owning my own business has been a dream for a while now, and the fact it is actually coming to fruition in a way where I can do it with my family is really amazing,” Hailey said. “It’s an incredible bonus that we get to all grow together.”

The Van Kley Sisters: Harmonizing Business with Bonding

In Chicago, sisters Susan and Maria Van Kley are another example of family members who have taken a leap from their respective careers into the world of franchising with P&A.


Susan, whose career included 15 years as professional opera singer and an administration role with one of the Big Four accounting firms, and Maria, who worked as a kitchen and bath designer before moving into finance and supplier diversity relationships, both found themselves at a crossroads at the same time last year.

“We have always wanted to do something together as sisters,” Susan said. “So, when she lost her job in May because the company relocated and I lost mine in August because of downsizing, we realized it would never be a better time to take the leap.”

Maria agrees, noting: “We’ve always been very like-minded, even though we are very different people. We couldn’t believe we had been laid off around the same time. We started looking at a lot of franchise opportunities and we decided that Patrice & Associates really aligned well with our skill-sets.”


Susan says the Patrice & Associates franchise also aligned well with their desired lifestyles and family-driven culture. 


“Patrice really fits our personalities better than some of the other franchises,” she said. “Maria and I travel together often, for example, so we loved the idea of being able to work from anywhere. We can make the business our own while also knowing the team is just a phone call away.”

Since starting the business earlier this year, the sisters say the experience of running the Patrice & Associates franchise together has already exceeded their expectations. 


“It’s really nice working together as sisters because we can give each other the encouragement we need — we are not on an island,” Susan said. “We are each other’s best friends, best cheerleaders and now best business partners. We spend some days at her house, some days at my house. We love working side-by-side together.”

Looking ahead, Maria says the goal is to create a family-run legacy with their business. “When we are 80 years old, we want to be able to have the business working for us,” she said. “That is our big picture goal — build it up to the point where we are supervisors instead of boots on the ground. Every day we work, we are thinking of building a family legacy together.”

Why Patrice & Associates Resonates With Families

The Dominics and the Van Kleys highlight some of the reasons why Patrice & Associates is an ideal opportunity for families looking to franchise: The comprehensive support and training for franchisees, the flexible business model, and a meaningful service offering. These same differentiators explain why the franchise continues to make waves in the industry and is listed among Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Brands for Less Than $100,000 total investment rankings.

“Seeing families like the Dominics and the Van Kleys thrive within our Patrice & Associates family is a great reminder of why we do what we do,” said Brian Miller, CEO of Patrice & Associates. “As we continue to expand and welcome more families into our franchise community, we’re excited to foster a supportive environment where we can all thrive together.”


For more information on franchising with Patrice & Associates, visit: https://1851franchise.com/patriceandassociates.


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